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Vacuum lifting device for rent

Vacuum lifting device [VacuMaster Glass 600] rent

Vacuum lifter VacuMaster Glass 600 is ideal to move glass in outdoor areas.

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Vacuum lifting device

Technical features of [VacuMaster Glass 600]




Technical data

Due to its design, vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Glass allow to move different sizes glass sheets up to 600 kg. Attached to the site crane, it permits effortless lifting either in a horizontal or vertical position. Workpieces can also be swiveled manually by 90° and rotated by 360°. The rotation can be fixed every 18° and the rotation every 45°. In this way, the glass sheets are perfectly matched and installed. The height position of the suction cups is also adjustable, this can be done with the appropriate adapters.

VacuMaster Glass can be operated without electrical power supply. A LED indicator shows the charge status of the 12V rechargeable and replaceable battery. In addition, the regulated vacuum pump assures that the VacuMaster Glass remains ready for operation up to 8 hours.

  • safe and gentle handling of glass workpieces without damage;
  • easy and ergonomic operation;
  • high degree of safety DIN EN 13155;
  • integrated power failure monitor and safty resevoir;
  • high flexibility due to the modular design;
  • operation without being connected to the electrical power supply;
  • very flat design allows to work behind racks;

Power supply

Battery - 12 V, 4A

Capacity of battery

Battery - 7Ah

Suction cup size

300 mm

Suction rate

2,3 m³/h

Lift capacity

600 kg

Min size of workpiece

1150 x 1750 mm

Safty reservoir

1,5 l

Operating temperature

0°C - 40°C

Max. operating time

iki 8 h


205 mm

Height without a handle

140 mm